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Lisbon is only a 15 minute drive from the greatest surf spot. 

Welcome to Lisbon’s first surf shop ! 

All surf riders can take a look at our selective quiver, and get the best board to dive in big bowls or slide through the neatest barrel. All our surf boards are handmade out of love and passion. We have shapers from all around the world that come to Portugal to shape the boards in our quiver : Bob McTavish, Gary McNeill, Campbell Brothers, Wavegliders, Manila.

Get the best surf board for you : Boutik's selection or ask the staff for more information on customized boards.

Fill up your accessories : surf wax, surf pads, surf leash, or surf bags.

We are also now super proud to rent surf boards here in the heart of Lisbon. As we wanted to give a solution for riders to rent premium surf boards, we partnered up with AWAYCO.

Feel free to enter on their website : (free subscription)

If you want to wheel back and forth, we have a selection of skate boards. All recycled, design, and stylish !

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